Contribute differently

Most people go with a subscription, but now and then someone will ask how they can support my writing "without all that hassle." The hassle, of course, refers to two modern afflictions:

  • Recurring charges are just the worst.
    Agreed. How many months did I pay for Club Penguin after my kids had moved on to Minecraft? I'll never know.
  • Email! Also the worst.
    I subscribe to newsletters that inspire me – and then they sit unread for weeks. When do we get to uninvent email?

Join a (short) list of supportive not-subscribers

Whatever your reason, if you'd like to support my projects without subscribing, here some alternatives. (Oh, and thanks!)

What if you do want the newsletters?

If you want all the content and benefits but you don't want a subscription, just let me know you contributed here. I'll tweak your account so you can see all the things. I'll also give you a virtual hug – unless you tell me you're more of a fist-bump person these days. Your virtual body, your virtual boundaries!